UPDATE 5/5/13: check out my Park Bench Yoga for Cyclists post on the YoGanesh blog +++ Starting late June 2012 I'm going to be teaching a class and blogging for - so in the interests of not duplicating material, I'll be blogging over there. Check it out!  and here's the blog:

VIDEO: Easy Proper Pigeon - a piriformis workout for the rest of us!

One of our more "obscure" muscles (in that, you're not really aware of it on a daily basis like your quads and hammies) is the piriformis . This muscle is located deep in your butt, running from the sacrum to the top of the thighbone.  It's one of the the many hip rotator muscles that collectively turn the hips and upper leg outward (called external rotation), and particularly for athletes, provides stability around the knee when twisting and changing direction. If you sit in a chair, place the right ankle (flex that foot!) just south of the left knee and tip your body forward, you'll feel the piriformis wake up in that very spot. I call this the Piriformis Desk Jockey stretch, because it's an ideal thing to do at your desk. Sitting cross-legged also activates this muscle.  Piriformis as viewed from behind. The piriformis skates somewhat close to the infamous sciatic nerve - the one that often gives grief by sending shooting pains down the

Yoga Rover: Samadhi Studio + Vasisthasana with "Easy Feet"

John Churchill, founder and owner of Samadhi demonstrates Gomukasana (Cow Face pose) with a side bend. Why Cow Face? The stacked knees look like the lips of a cow, the feet like the ears.  Whenever I travel anywhere, I always try to seek out local yoga class. No only does it help me get unknotted from slouching about in bucket-seated motorized transport, I get to learn something new from a professional fellow teacher, in a fresh new place. (I also do this with haircuts - I got an excellent 'do for $2 in Tarma, Peru....). So while visiting Boston with my folding bike recently, I found a studio that was a perfectly civilized 3-mile bike ride from door to door - a lo-carbon emission way to arrive already warmed up to class! The studio:   Samadhi  in Newton, MA. The teacher: founder and master acupuncturist,  John Churchill . John's Open class contained quite a few interesting variations on basic poses that I hadn't come across before. I confess I like to experiment,

2 Storm Salutations for Hurricane Irene - to send her away!

Danger! Addictive substance! With Hurricane Irene threatening to take a bite out of the Big Apple this Sunday, everyone's battening down hatches, stocking up on water, candles, batteries and favorite addictions - in my case, Trader Joe's Potato Trio chips (no salt, tons of fat) and a case of Chocolate Fudge  Orgain  (guilt free chocolate shake). And we're locking our doors, putting cling wrap around the edges and not going OUT. Some are even starting as early as Saturday. So how do you get your yoga fix when the route to your favorite studio is knee deep in water? Get out your mat, push back the furniture and do a couple of  Storm Salutations for Hurricane Irene. They are basically Sun Salutations, but you stay super low so the eye of the storm somehow misses you. Storm Salutation A: A smooth tumble from Downdog to Plow. You roll out of storm's danger like a tumbleweed!  Start cross legged, hands on knees. Inhale - roll forward onto hands and knees

Under the Crescent Moon ...

Under the Crescent Moon: and the healthy, non-toxic clay walls of YoGanesh! To relieve pressure on sensitive knees:  1. Fold over the side of the mat 2. Activate all leg muscles, drawing energy up through your torso and out through the top of your head Yoganesh , the newish studio where I teach a Monday and Friday evening class, just celebrated it's first Anniversary. Here's my post about it on the YoGanesh Blog . And while you're at it, read about the new classes and workshops . See you in class! 

Now teaching Yoga for Runners+Cyclists @ Yoganesh

I'm now teaching the Friday 7.30pm Yoga for Runners+Cyclists class at Yoganesh . Both sports create similar problems due to the 1-dimensional plane they lock you in. Just like, ironically, sitting in a chair all day hunched over a computer! Hope to see you there - or at my ny nite owl class, 9pm Monday nights. Bend it and mend it! Check out my video interview of knee guru Andy Pruitt talking about Cyclists and Runner's knees:

Yoga for Cyclists

I'm looking forward to sharing my AM/PM yoga practise with fellow New York Cycle Club members at West Point. It's taken me years of riding a bike for a living (albeit not like Lance) to note that a quick leg bend against a park bench - the amount of stretching most cyclists do - just doesn't cut it!  I asked one of my teachers Sarah Coleman, owner of delightful East Village studio Finding Sukha , to demonstrate a nice little routine for cyclists. See the video above for some quad and hamstring lengthening moves. Thanks so much Sarah. Bend it and mend it! The Charlie's Angel stretch is also a good one for cyclists - and swivel chair dwellers ....