Sunday, May 29, 2011

More about my Monday 9pm "Nite Owl" class at YoGanesh

I'm now teaching a late nite Monday class at Yoganesh232 7th Ave, NYC 
(btw. 23rd and 24th),  9pm-10pm.

So it's not that late, but should be easier for workaholics (voluntary or otherwise), nite owls and other after-dark downdoggers to make the class without too much huffing an puffing. And what better way to counter a week of swivel chair sedentariness in advance? Which reminds me - take the stairs when you can. Up, but not down. Descending stairs isn't that good for anyone's knees.Going up - take it two and a time, steadily, using your quads, inhale on the first two, exhale the next. It's a similar thing you do when climbing a steep hill on the bike - your breath will carry you to the top - and in the case of stairs - swinging your arms.

Great for the heart, back, leg muscles.

Just don't stop breathing! Check out my YouTube interview of knee-guru Andy Pruitt talking about knees!

Do pass this on to your yoga-interested pals - it is still a fairly new studio, and the warm and altruistic owner Norma is very committed to offering affordable yoga in Manhattan at $12 a class. 

Last week after I locked up at 10pm, four of us beat it over to Westville on 18th near 8th, for a slice of their amazing strawberry rhubarb pie before they close 11pm (city-that-never-sleeps stuff!). Just a tip for you - amazing, healthy food there.

See you at 9 pm at Yoganesh.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now teaching the late, late show at Yoganesh

Well, not that late. Hence, the not quite "after dark" shot of the Ganesh mascot (pictured).

As of Memorial Monday, I'm teaching a 9pm-10-pm class at Yoganesh, for night owls, workaholics any anyone else who can't seem to make it to the "crowded hours" right after work. Now and then I'll teach other classes there.

I've put my 6.30pm Chelsea Recreation Center free class on hiatus, It's just too hard to beat it down 5th, 7th, 9th or the Westside Bike Path (I've tried all four) to make it to the center on time.

I'm thrilled that Phil Lynch, a yoga teacher from California, is also teaching at Yoganesh. He's a no-fluff down to earth kinda guy, who, during my training, famously showed us from downdog, how to float your legs forward to meet your hands - with superhuman strength in the elbows and wrists.  I want to learn that!

Come on down dawg!